How long will my custom switch take to be delivered?

All of our standard products are ready to ship within three working days.

Custom switches can take three to five working days to leave our warehouse.

Any custom changes, such as the engraving of special icons or logos can take up to ten working days to be manufactured as they are all produced on a made-to-order basis.

We make every effort to ship as soon as possible and notify you as soon as your items are dispatched.

What text can I add to my custom switch?

You can add text up to a maximum of 20 characters and the text is in CAPITALS only.

Can I bring my own Logo?

Of course. Please contact our Customer Service team at to discuss your requirements. Please note that terms and conditions apply:

1.- $45 setup fee per switch type, minimum quantity 10 units.

2.- The image must be supplied as an .EPS file or .JPEG or .PNG format no smaller than 400 pixels by 400 pixels. Preferably in white on black.

3.- You must be the owner of the image. CH4X4 will not reproduce trademarked logos owned by others without their permission.

4.- Lead time for delivery is 10 business days from when the image file is received and approved.

Do I need to use a relay with the switch?

YES, 99% of our returns are related to users not using a relay, resulting in the switch melting or failing over time.

Why does my switch always stay on?

The switch should be wired to a switched 12v power sources, like your fuse box. Find a fuse that is only on when your vehicle is switched on. Some users tap into the cigarette lighter fuse.

Why do I keep blowing fuses?

Are you using a relay? The switch is not designed to handle the load of light bar/fog lights/ditch lights or other items that draw much amperage.

My switch worked for a couple of days, then stopped, why?

More than likely the switch was overloaded and failed. Typically, this is due to not using a relay.